Ashleigh Sun

Hey, I’m Ashleigh — a graphic and type designer and a lover of minimal aesthetics. I enjoy applying negative space in my work to pull focus, to subtract, to simplify, to appreciate, to clarify, to prioritise, to direct, to breathe. I’m attentive to detail and meticulous when refining.

Brücke Display
Type Design / 2021
Dot Dot Dot
Type Design / 2021
Medication Information Leaflet Template
Layout, User Experience, and Iconography / 2021
Festival Collateral / 2020
Absurd + Outrageous
Branding and Advertising / 2020
Taika Waititi Accepts His BAFTA
Kinetic Typography / 2020
Awareness Campaign / 2019
Work available upon request
AUT Zine Club
Work available upon request